Bring on the Baby!

Wow! It’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down to write a blog post…and it’s not like I’ve had nothing to write about. Instead, I’ve probably had tons and have just been busy and excited with all the changes happening!

First things first: Happy New Year! I don’t think I mentioned that in my last post. How has your New Year been thus far? I pray that for each of you 2014 marks a year of health, grace, laughter, good change, freedom and fun!

2014 has already been a huge year of change for myself and Austin…and surely the changes will continue to come.

As I’ve not actually announced on this Blog, we are EXPECTING and oh-so thrilled!! Yesterday marked week 21 of the pregnancy, so I am over half way there and big changes are really starting to take place- it’s so fun!

For me, the first trimester was….odd. I was pregnant, obviously, but not a lot had changed except for me having to sit out on Happy Hour. Thankfully, and I really mean thankfully because I know how rare this is, I didn’t get sick during my first trimester and instead followed in my Mom’s pregnancy experiences of having a smooth, energized pregnancy. I didn’t throw up. I didn’t really feel tired. My senses weren’t any different than normal. Instead, I just felt kinda bloated and like I was getting pudgy! Not the most desirous change there is…

Now that the second trimester is here (and whoa…I’m already half way through that!) the fun changes have really started to take place!

I have great energy. I feel healthy (except for all the gummy candy I can’t seem to stop eating). My belly is really growing (my belly button is, like, days away from being obsolete). We found out last weekend that we are having a precious GIRL! And Baby is moving and I can feel her! These changes are SO fun and I can see why Doctors say that this stage of pregnancy is the best stage because of the combination of being able to see/feel the life inside you but you’re not too large to still enjoy it and carry on with regular life! I genuinely love being pregnant (this is the 21-week pregnant lady talking…I’ll report back when I’m 37 weeks….)!!

Aside from the physical changes occurring, it’s BABY PLANNING TIME! And what a better place to share nursery/playroom ideas than on a Blog about how to make a house feel like a home? I’m not sure if there is anything that makes a house feel more like a home than welcoming a new Baby into it!

The playroom is my first priority, so without further adieu here are some sneak peeks at what I’ve been up to:

embroidery hoops

((embroidery hoops))

play room fabric

play room paint swatches

I’ll be posting more sneak peeks as the room takes it’s form, but for now back to work!


Lauren Schauer


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