Country Living in the City

In my full-time real estate career it is pretty darn easy to spend countless numbers of hours scouring the MLS website for awesome, unique properties- ones that make you dream about backyard BBQ’s, epic pool parties or homes that a built as a designer’s dream.

Well, this week my obsession hasn’t actually carried me too far- only to a road that I travel up and down several times weekly: ‘Red Bud’ in the eastern part of my city, Round Rock, TX.

Red Bud once was a country road that was home to sprawling acreage properties and I’m sure serviced a lot of the local farming estates in the area. Then, large neighborhoods including Forest Creek, Lake Forest, Forest Ridge and others came in a few decades ago and Red Bud has become a quite heavily trafficked thoroughfare; however, modern development hasn’t taken over every part of Red Bud yet! These acreage properties aren’t new to me- I’ve known they are there and exist, but I’ve yet to really dig my heels into them and truly “meet” them.

((Insert a long, nice sighhhhhh))

That is what I imagine you as a homeowner would experience every day when you wake up in your classic Texas acreage property in one of the several more rural sections of Red Bud. And don’t worry, the calming effect wouldn’t go away due to a long country commute to get back into civilization. No, these properties are literally right across the road from the large developments named above…but are worlds away in terms of quality and style of living.

So, there’s no better way to capture the obsession I’ve been onto this week than with photos.

Now introducing: Country, classic Texas living meets “Hey, imagine that- I’m in the city!”

This is my:

((“Hello, this is really my backyard?” photo))

hello this is my backyard

((“I love my tin roof!” photo))

Exterior Front : Magnificient oaks trees hug this texas style ho

((“I love Texas ranch homes!” photo))

Exterior Front : 1.37 Acres.  Sprinkler System, 4 car garage (3

((“If I were my husband I’d sit on this back porch and shoot things!” photo))

Patio/Deck : Tree shaded deck with access from master bedroom

((“Ummmm, yes- I’ll take it!” photo)

All these photos were taken when the current owner bought this h

((“I have a big enough back yard to built to most epic playscape of all time!” photo))

Park/Playground/Play Fields : THIS PLAYSCAPE HAS OVER 10K JUST I

((“Ahhhhh, now THAT’S perfect!” photo))


((“I live in the city but have a red barn!” photo))

I have a barn?

((“I love trees!” photo))

hello trees

…and last but not least…

((“I have a creek for a backyard” photo))


Ahhhh…serenity! LOVE these properties…if you couldn’t tell. What do YOU think about them??


Lauren Schauer


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