About Lauren

In Lauren’s Work Satchel are some funky geometric-designed file folders with my clients’ names on them. Some clients are leasing homes, others are buying homes and still others are selling their current house. Throw in the iPad, MacBook (yes, I bring both), headphones, note pad and cute house-themed checkbook/cover that I found here and I’m ready to work!

In Lauren’s Home are plenty of optimistically-started half-finished decorating projects, soothing tones of whites, creams and light grays, fresh flowers during an organized week, my beloved Pistachio KitchenAid mixer, usually a lot of high school students and college volunteer leaders affiliated with Young Life, a sassy 2.5 lb. long-hair Chihuahua named Ella and a ragamuffin 70 lb. Labradoodle named Knox.

In Lauren’s Kitchen are plenty of ingredients to make any and all dishes Asian, specifically some form of Thai or Vietnamese noodles, a good bottle of red wine or 6-pack of Shiner, a wide variety of fresh fruit and veggies and (in the best months of the year) all things pumpkin.

In Lauren’s Heart is a passion for Jesus, an excitement about the Redeemer Church family, a love for my husband, a hunger for real, deep friendships, a huge, giddy crush on all things old and Southern and a desire to serve the city of Round Rock, TX and see creative, eclectic businesses take a chance and move in.

In Lauren’s Mind are countless properties that she wants to show clients, wishes to cuddle up and read more books, trips to the Lake, a love for College Station, TX and all things Aggie, a shopping excursion to West Elm and Anthropologie and more and more and more hopeful DIY projects…thanks, Pinterest!

This blog is about all things house + home, from real estate information

to the latest yummy recipe, I hope you settle in and explore.

Lauren Schauer


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