Roommates. No, Friends. No, Aunt/Uncle. I Don’t Know What To Call Them!

For the past 2 wonderful years we have had 3 different friends live with us in our guest bedroom upstairs and gosh- how great it has been!

It’s rather funny now to think back to when we felt that we needed to sit down and pray about Jason moving in with us and whether or not we were ready for that….I think God probably thought it was funny, too, and realized how silly and stupid we were being so he gave us the answer pretty rapidly:

We prayed for about 1 second. Realized that the only reason why we would say “no” to having someone live with us was due to purely selfish and ridiculous reasons:

….but we won’t be able to walk around in our underwear! …we don’t even do that anyway???


….there isn’t enough room! …..uhhhh, there’s a whole second floor that you don’t use!


….but how will we be able to store all of our groceries and their groceries in the fridge and pantry. Who’s going to buy what? ….Oh boy!

Austin and I quickly realized that if the only stupid reasons we could come up with were A. stupid and B. selfish that our decision had been made:


And the past 2 years have been like that. First it was Jason. Then Spencer. Then Candice.

And the crazy thing is that not only was each situation okay, each was beyond fabulous and WAY more fun that we could have ever had enjoying our house all alone! Each “roommate” or “aunt” or “uncle” brought their own personality, flair, talents and joy!

With Jason, it was a package deal: we also got Emily! And how much fun were our many nights hanging out just the 4 of us. Combined with each of our intense liking to expensive beer, we had some fun times! And now in 2 weekends they’re getting married! Plus, Jason started “talking” for our dogs and for the first time we discovered what Ella and Knox were actually thinking….imagine that.

((enter roommate criteria: must talk for dogs))

With Spencer, it was his musical talent and enjoyment of having his fun friends and siblings over regularly! I loved having more people in the house and the awesome tunes that would spill downstairs from the second floor loft. Also, we shared with Spencer a love for fabulous Austin restaurants, craft beer and snobby coffee.

((enter roommate criteria: must play musical instrument))

And with Candice, it was laughter. And fun girl times. And wine. And best friends being reunited again on the same continent. It was joy and healing and crying and….Duck Dynasty. And The Bachelor. And don’t forget about Juan Pablo…

((enter roommate criteria: must have fun with me))

Welp, now our house is back to just us 4…two humans and two dogs, our little family! So, now’s the time to actually put together our guest room.

Operation Mattress Shopping.

So come visit?


Lauren Schauer


I need your help!

I’m totally stumped!

This one wall in my home is making me very perplexed and due to the other colors of nearby rooms/walls, I just can’t figure out what to do with it….

….so I need your help! Your design help!

Here’s my wall:

upstairs wall 1

That piece of furniture is my favorite in the whole house. It’s a vintage piece from New Orleans in the ’40s and I really need it to “pop” off of the similarly-colored wall. The artwork above it is also one of my favorites in the whole house- from the same antique shop, actually!

upstairs wall 2

When you look at it from this angle you can see the chocolate brown wall color that the entire game room is painted and the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom that is similarly painted the same “builder beige.” If you were to hug the railings and go around to the right it would lead you down the stairs and you would stare at this wall:

wall 2

So, I have a deep blue as well as a chocolate brown in the surrounding open spaces.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a total sucker for patterned walls and in other parts of my house you will see walls like this:

striped wall

and this:


…so do I do another patterned wall or keep it solid?

My friend and former real estate client Brittany Polston-Williams is working on this FABULOUSSSSSS wall right now that I kinda have my heart set on, but we’ll see:

brittany wall

So…what are your thoughts?

Thanks and gig em.


Lauren Schauer

What’s Trending in Real Estate?

You may not sit around on your average day and think, “I wonder what the upcoming trends are in the real estate world…”

But lucky for you, I do! As well as the National Association of Realtors!

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these 6 trends below… true? crazy? too much? too little? You tell me!

1. Generation X is the predominant buying sector! 

Gen X (Ages 33-47)- 31% of Buyers

Gen Y (32 or younger)- 28% of Buyers

Younger Baby Boomers- 18% of Buyers

Older Baby Boomers- 14% of Buyers

2. Mobile Real Estate Searching

Buyers are utilizing their mobile devices to search for properties way more than their computers these days! Real estate ad clicks on smart phones grew by 10.7% between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. And iPads are being used even more: Tablets ad clicks shot up by 20.2% quarter over quarter- and 87% year over year.  Do you use your mobile device to search for properties? If so, download my personalized app for super user-friendly mobile searching anywhere:

3. Paperless Business

Realtors are gravitating toward their technology to drive the real estate transaction process, rather than printing out paper after paper after paper. If you’ve bought a home recently, did your Realtor utilize technology more than hard copies? I know I do!

4. No Inventory

Housing inventory (the numbers of homes on the market) is still stubbornly low and has been for the past year, but it is starting to increase again slowly…ever so slowly.

5. Drone Photography

I’ve seen this on Selling L.A.! Miniature remote-controlled helicopters are being used to capture aerial photos of a property. But watch out, the Federal Aviation Authority says it’s a big no-no and violates their rules! I can see it now: a plane hitting a tiny 4 lb. remote helicopter…don’t see the big fuss. But Congress does.

6. Micro-Apartments

Large cities are beginning to build extra-tiny living spaces, most smaller than 200 square feet (!!!), to house tenants that either need to pinch pennies or prefer to live large in small spaces! We’re mostly seeing these micro-apartments pop up in: San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Boston, Providence, RI and Portland. Yep, that would fit me, Austin and Knox and Ella and literally nothing else…maybe not even Knox…

I’d love to hear what YOUR thoughts are on these interesting new trends! Comment below!

Have an awesome Tuesday 🙂


Lauren Schauer

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Welp, what happens when a random weekend leads me to believe Fall is here in full force?

I believe Fall is here in full force! And I act on that. With all things Fall. Duh.

My love obsession with the Autumn season is a bit unreal; I love everything about it. Austin, my husband, is probably so tired already of me asking, “When is it going to be Fall?” or “When is it going to get cool?”

Buttttt this past weekend, I didn’t ask those questions once. Because it was delightfully Fall.

So, in honor of the GORGEOUS Fall weather we here in Central Texas experienced last weekend I made all sorts of Fall items and brought others out from storage. If you walked in my house right now in the…, 84 degree (really, iPhone? I feels like it’s 94 degrees?)….weather, you’d think it was November and 60 degrees. Here are my fun Fall crafts and feel-good decor below:

This is our new front door wreath that I made this weekend. I wanted something a little more elegant for the front door, rather than my typical colorful number. I also wanted it to look very natural and neutral.

 front wreath 2

So I purchased a wispy wreath at Michael’s as well as the cream colored baby’s breath that you see around the edges. Then, I went for a walk around our neighborhood to hunt down the maple leaves that you see in the second layer. I spray painted them gold and then finished the look off with a strand of Star Jasmine off of our vines. I secured the vine with wire and ta-da!

front wreath

Next is our back door wreath. I had a 2-year old version of this wreath that I slowly started tearing apart. I removed old greenery and a grass-like thing that was hanging off and slowly started putting the wreath back together the way I wanted it. I hot glued a yellow/cream berry-like branch along the perimeter of the wreath, leaving an open section to re-fasten felt flowers and little decorative pumpkins and pinecones that I had salvaged from the original wreath. Then, the final touch was to hot-glue a self-made chalk board wooden board to the wreath (got the wood at Michael’s and just painted on black chalk board paint!). “be thankful,” it reads!

I know….I know….it’s not Thanksgiving. So shoot me..

back wreath 2

back wreath 1

The next item on my weekend list was to revitalize the front entryway area of the house. I cleaned off the top ledge and removed a lot of clutter that was unneeded. It still needs 1 more item because I think decorating in three’s is best.

Next, I moved this vintage window from an upstairs bedroom to fill the open wall space that was over these light switched. Top it off with my trusted Fall wreath that I made 2 years ago and the space is no longer boring.

 s wreath 2

 s wreath 1

Then, because I fell in love with this at Marshall’s and insisted on putting up all things Fall, even if we are a holiday away from Thanksgiving, here is my new friend the Turkey- isn’t he cute?


That’s all of my projects from this past weekend! What did you do to celebrate the gorgeous weather outside?


Lauren Schauer

3214 Bay Hill Ln.

Hello, Blogging World, meet my new listing:

3214 Bay Hill Ln

a truly unique, prestigious, stately, detailed estate complete with more features than I have time to list; however, I’ll attempt to do it justice below:


A gorgeous 10,180 sq. ft property with 9 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms sitting on 2.5 acres complete with:

  • A four-car garage that is heated/cooled and insulated, with custom epoxy floor and screw drive openers with fingerprint scanner/opener.


  • Third floor apartment (living, dining, kitchenette, bath, bedroom)
  • Incredible amount of storage.
  • 44,000 gallon 11’ deep heated pool with two spas (seating for 20+).  Two 400,000 BTU gas heaters. Fountains, deck jets, negative edge, Lion’s head water features, Polaris, DE filter, and swim up bar.


back of pool

  • Swim-up bar features: in-pool bar stools, two large 60” grills, side burner, ice maker, refrigerator, built in stereo speakers, sink and telephone.
  • Lake and Golf course (9th Hole – Forest Creek).
  • Infrared security cameras inside and out, automatic backup to hard drives, accessible by internet or cell phone.
  • Security system with 3 control stations.
  • 16 panic buttons hidden throughout house.
  • Underground 16×16 pool house (doubles as a fully engineered tornado shelter, designed and inspected during construction by structural engineer). Includes 9’ ceiling. Tile floors. Includes sump pump and is ready for bathroom and toilet.  Fully heated and cooled.  Cable TV.
  • Two laundry rooms (1 upstairs and 1 downstairs).
  • Six staircases (including spirals inside and out).
  • Six whirlpool tubs.
  • Seven refrigerators (2 @ kitchen + prep kitchen + Master closet + game room + apt. + outdoor bar).
  • Insta-hots (boiling water on demand). Multiple locations.
  • Four 75-Gallon Hot Water Heaters.
  • Water softener (owned).
  • Seven HVAC units, including dedicated units for garage, theater and apartment.
  • 3 fireplaces (Living, Master Bath and Study).  Gas with electric remote for master and study.
  • Kitchen has two warming drawers, a Wolf oven (with dual ovens, 6 burners and griddle); dual Fisher/Paykel dishwasher, and a prep kitchen with separate dishwasher, refrigerator and sink, under cabinet lighting and more.


  • Master closet with built in cherry cabinets and interior rope lighting.  Closet features built-in refrigerator, sink, and Cable TV.


  • Granite and marble floors throughout, large crown molding, custom cherry cabinets (no pre-fab cabinetry).

dining room

living room

  • Study floor is black granite with inlaid cherry stripping and matching custom (site built) cherry cabinetry.
  • Cable, security and telephone wired to a central hub.  Wired for 8 phone incoming lines.
  • Theater is soundproofed, built as a room within a room.  Floating floor, decoupled from the main house, double hulled wall.  Separate dedicated A/C system (to avoid wall penetrations for sound). 9 surround sound speakers, 12’ screen, HD Cable TV, DVR, internet (thousands of movies and TV shows on demand through iTunes/NetFlix), tiered seating for 20.

movie theatre

  • Granite master bath has separate shower with dual shower stations (his/hers) and body jets.  Oversized Jacuzzi tub has built in heater.  TV built-in at tub.
  • Soundproofing (Sound Attenuating Fire Blankets) at Master Bedroom, Powder Bath and Study.
  • Concrete and framing inspected by structural engineer and architect during construction.
  • Garage:  Dedicated 50 amp circuit (for RV, welder, etc.), built-in cabinetry, sink, etc.
  • Upgraded electrical service.
  • Full sprinkler system.
  • Custom designed one-of-a-kind mahogany front door.

Offered for $1.295 million

Please contact me if you or anyone you know is interested in making this dream house their dream home.


Lauren Schauer

9-11…12 Years Later

As I woke up today and grabbed my coffee and bible/journal to sit down in my beloved chair for my morning time with the Lord, I grabbed my phone as I always do to glance at the date. I write the date each day at the top of my journal so that I can always look back years down the road and see what Jesus is teaching me today. Today’s date, however, had me pause. 9-11-13.

I remember 9-11-01. I was a freshman at Westfield High School and sitting in Ms. Hardin’s Biology class. Gosh! Poor Ms. Hardin. That was the class that pranks were played every. single. day. Taking the ball out of her computer mouse. Secretly tying a fishing line to the emergency water shower and pulling it at just the right time. Hiding her teacher’s book. And so many more. Gosh. Poor Ms. Hardin.

In just a moment’s time on that day, however, something weird started happening. Teacher’s checked their computers, then met in the hallway, then came in and out of the classroom trying to calm down unruly teenagers, insisting that they’d be right back. Then, they’d come back to their computers and check it again. And again. Then convene in the hall again. It was odd. Then, the school announcement came on instructing teachers to turn on a certain TV channel. And for the rest of that school day, that’s what most in the school did. Watched the heartbreaking TV report of what was going on in Manhattan. As a class officer, I got called out of classes to assist the overloaded front office in finding kids whose parents were forming a line out the front door to pick them up…parents were scared. “What if something happens here?” they must have been thinking…

My remembrance of 9-11 was obviously very different from many others. Those whose family or friends lived in New York, worked in Wall Street or much worse worked in the Twin Towers. My heart breaks today as I think about the devastation and mourning that was experienced that day, as well as every day since. We live in such a fallen world and something each day reminds me of that.

But thanks be to God for sending his Son, Jesus, to save me when I was in that theoretical mob of people running to and fro frantically trying to save my own life…and didn’t even realize it. Thanks be to God for saving me, and giving me hope that this world is not my home. Heaven is. Thanks be to God for giving me a new mission in life. Not one to be angry at evil and those who perform it, but to pray for them and to realize that they are really just on their own, trying to make sense of this fallen world without Jesus. Thanks be to God for saving me from myself…because after all, I was really no better off than those driving the planes. Thanks be to God for His Grace. Little did I know that day, 9-11-01, that very soon I would be meeting Kara Yee, my YoungLife leader, and that soon I would begin my lifelong journey with Jesus. Thanks be to God.

Here is a slideshow that Yahoo put together on the before and after pictures of the NY skyline and the Twin Towers.


Lauren Schauer

Clean Eating

Welp, the time has come….

you know, that time when you look back at college photos, try to squeeze into college jeans, wake up realizing you’re tired and lethargic every day and just flat out know that something has to change?

Well, that time is now for Austin and me and has been for about 6 months now.

I would say that for the most part we eat pretty healthy…lots of veggies, lean meats, few carbs, fruits, little processed food, etc….I mean of course Chuy’s is in there, as well as Kettle Cooked jalapeno chips and wine/beer…The problem, however, is that that generally healthy regimen is really only controlled when we are cooking at home and let’s be honest…I rarely have the opportunity to do that! Our schedule during a typical Young Life semester is such that we can only eat at home once during the week usually and then on the weekends if we aren’t sharing meals with other people. That leads to eating whatever is easy. quick. and what others have prepared. That also means that it leads to us being here today knowing something needs to change!


I’ve been seeing so much about clean eating on Pinterest recipes and always was interested because I like the idea of putting food that is “clean” into my body and properly nourishing it. So, upon further research, I like the idea even more.

It’s not a fad diet.

It’s not really even a “diet.”

It doesn’t involve buying “low fat” this and “sugar free” that, that is really still not good for you anyway.

It makes sense.

From what I’ve researched so far, clean eating is truly just….eating. healthy. The way we were meant to eat. It means that we eat foods closest to their original state from the ground, as possible. Here is an image that I really like from Pinterest that quickly and simply describes clean eating:

clean eating

I also really like this website. She seems like a clean-eating pro and has so many useful lists and tips!

So…I go grocery shopping today for my first trip to stock up on clean eating necessities! I’ve dumped several things from our pantry that don’t fall into the “clean eating” allowables…and I plan to dig into more study tonight since the Hubs is out of town.

What do you think about clean eating?

Have you ever tried it?

Do you have any tips?


Lauren Schauer

I’m Dreaming of Fall

Every year at about this time, I begin daydreaming about Fall. It always seems to be “just around the corner,” when in actuality it takes months to really cool off, the leaves to turn the little bit that they do and for Fall to be in full force.

However, that never keeps me from getting excited. This year, I am prepared (and have already prepared the Hubby) that our house will be Fall-ed out. So, here are the latest Fall Pinterest finds that I am gearing and geeking up for:

Fall 1

I am really digging the lanterns, which is #2 on the above photo. I have cheap lanterns from Ikea that I plan to spray paint a muted darker color like the above charcoal and fill with Fall do-dads. I also really like the simple pinecone bunting… we have any pine trees in Central Texas…??? The painted white mini pumpkins are also adorable in photo #4!

And of course, I’ve got to do a wreath for every season and holiday. I’m working on stashing my collection to cover the span of the whole year, but inevitably I grow tired of what I’ve made after using it once and have to redo it. This year, I’m really liking the top one here:

Fall wreath

Then, this wonderful front door entry:

fall front door

I don’t know if you can see the detail on the stoop, but I like the blend of real pumpkins (or what looks real) with twine pumpkins that you’d buy at a craft store. Also, those lanterns and that door are divine.

In the spirit of this Fall season, I am making a Fall Bucket List and invite all to join me:

1. Have a photoshoot in a leaf pile

2. Rake leaves and put them into a big black trash bag (weird? I know…it’s just that this brings up Fall childhood memories for me!)

3. Have wonderful, happy Fall wreaths on the front and back door

4. Make fall pies

5. Take a Fall nature walk and bring the camera for candids

6. Drink fancy coffee drinks

7. Go on a picnic

8. Enjoy our fire pit outside

9. Get pumpkins from a pumpkin patch (St. Richard’s Episcopal Church on HWY 79 in Round Rock….duh! Support our friend, Rector Stuart Shelby, who donates the proceeds of the sale!)

10. Wear cute Fall clothes that you’ve been dying to wear all Summer

11. Make our front porch Fall-cozy!

12. Be thankful it’s Fall

What’s on your Fall Bucket List? Add your comments on this Facebook post!


Lauren Schauer

Cornice Boards!!!

Goodbye plain windows. Hello beautiful windows!

This past weekend the hubs and I embraced a project to install cornice boards on our windows flanking our living room built-ins. Prior to our built-ins being installed (mind you, this was more than a year ago!), we had sheer white curtains hanging from your general ‘ol curtain rods on these windows. (photo below- look at the window on the far left side of the photo- sorry about the bad angle);

living room curtains before

((MAN! That photo looks ancient because our living room looks so different from this now!))

However, once the built-ins went in the curtain rods were then too long to fit in the space between the side walls and the built-in. My solution? CORNICE BOARDS… just took me about 1 year and 3 months to get around to it! So, I enlisted the help of a wonderful Blog I found on Pinterest to assist Austin and I in our cornice board endeavor. We changed a few steps around a little bit, but most of it is the same.

So, here’s your before & after photos and then I’ll provide pretty detailed instructions as to how we did this.


cornice before with built ins

((with the built in…sorry 1 window was open!))

cornice before one window

((the left window before))


cornice boards after 2

cornice boards after

cornice board after close up


Sooo…are you ready to join me and make your own? Here we go…

Step 1: Gather your materials

cornice supplies

Here we have:

– Fabric (I think I used about 3 yards)

– Batting

– Tape Measure

– Staple gun and staples

– glue gun and glue sticks

Simpson Strong Ties (we used 4 per window)

–  Scissors

– Trim (if you want it. I think I used about 3 yards)

– Screws (shorter than the thickness of your plywood)

– Longer screws that will go through the wooden cleat and into the wall/studs

– A “cleat” or wooded board that will help you hang the cornice board to the wall. We used a 2×2

– And of course the plywood:

cornice plywood

Step 2: Measure your windows and decide how tall and wide you want your front board and decide how far you want the cornice board to come off the wall

Step 3: Cut your boards

Using a table or handheld electric saw, cut your plywood boards according to your desired measurements. You will need to cut 3 plywood boards per window for the main part of the cornice board: 1 front panel and 2 side panels. For example, our front panel is about 17″ tall and 39″ wide. Each of our side panels are about 17″ tall and 2″ wide (because we wanted our cornice board to be about 2″ off the wall). Make sense?

Now you will also cut your cleat. This piece of wood will be attached to the wall first to help you hang the cornice board to the wall later. It absolutely needs to be the same width as your side boards. It will be secured behind your front panel and needs to connect with the wall, so it can’t be less wider or wider than your side panels or else it will make the cornice board stick off the wall or the cleat will not actually reach the wall (due to the side panels)…does that make sense? Therefore, that’s why our cleat was 2″ wide and our side panels were also 2″ wide = same width!!

…Okay so you’ve cut your boards now. I suggest that if you’re doing multiple windows that are identical in size, cut all the boards at the same time and then make sure they actually are the same size!

Step 4: Cover the boards in Batting

Now imagine it’s Christmas time and you’re wrapping gifts! Start by covering each board individually in batting. Yes, cover the front panels and side panels each individually. Fold the corners like you would in wrapping a gift to make sure that they are tight and clean looking. Make sure the batting is tight with no lumps. Secure batting to the plywood with your staple gun. NOTE: You don’t have to have the batting cover the back of the plywood.

cornice board batting 1

Cornice Boards batting 2

Step 5: Cover the boards in Fabric

Alright, now be even more careful than you were with the batting. Clean lines, clean angles, pull tight…and GO! Do the exact same thing as you just did, but cover in your pretty fabric! Here was my fabric:

cornice fabric

((here’s some photos of covering with fabric from the Blog tutorial I used:))

Cornice Boards fabric covering

((Please notice that if your fabric has stripes, a geometric pattern, etc that you need to MAKE SURE that your fabric is straight and not cock-eyed))

Cornice Boards fabric covering 2

Step 6: Secure cleat to wall

The cleat will be secured to the wall about 2-3 inches below where you want the top of your front panel to hit and roughly centered on the window. Screw the cleat into studs in the wall with your long screws, but first make sure it’s LEVEL!

cornice cleat

Step 7: Attach front panel to side panels

Now it’s time to attach the side boards (long and skinny boards) to the main front panel. Use 1 Simpson Strong tie for each side panel. Just line up and screw them together using your short screws (make sure the length of the screw isn’t longer than the width of the plywood). You may have to cut away some fabric so that there isn’t too much thickness beneath the Strong Tie and that’s fine! Do the exact same thing on both sides and on each window cornice.

cornice simpson strong ties

Step 8: Glue your Trim

If you’ve decided to finish off the look of the cornice with a piece of trim, then follow this step. I wanted a trim along the top and bottom of my cornice and wanted to go with a neutral burlap. So, grabbing your trusty glue gun, attach the trim section by section to make sure that the trim attaches successfully when the hot glue is still hot and sticky!

cornice trim

((Below is the trim of the Blog I followed))

Trim 2

Step 9: Screw Simpson Strong Ties into Back of Front Panel

Take 2 Simpson Strong Ties per window and place about 2-3 inches from the top of the panel. Space evenly from one another and the ends from the right to left so that the weight is evenly distributed when hung. This is unfortunately a part of the process that I forgot to take photos of…and it also might be the most confusing so I drew you a picture (be thankful!). Make sure that the Strong Ties are equal in distance from the top of the panel or else when you hang it, the cornice will be unlevel.


Now once you have placed them, screw the Simpson Strong Ties into the plywood with your short screws. Make sure that you screw it in according to the above diagram, where it is in a 90 degree position like a table so that the top of the Simpson Strong Tie can now rest on the top of the cleat in the wall.

Step 10: Hang the cornice board

Now you simply rest the cornice board on the cleat by the Simpson Strong Tie that you just screwed in. Make sure it is even on the window right to left and make sure it is level. Then, use screws to secure the panel to the cleat.

Step 11: Stand back and take in your hard work!

I hope this tutorial was helpful! And now for one more AFTER picture:

cornice boards after 2


Lauren Schauer

How’s the Real Estate Market Up There???

This is a question I get asked really often from individuals in other Texas cities! And for today, here’s the answer:

Williamson County (Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, North Austin, Leander and more):

  • For the FIRST TIME IN REAL ESTATE HISTORY, more than 1,000 homes were sold in 1 month (July 2013)!!
  • The above is a 30% increase over July 2012
  • Median home prices are up 8% from July 2012

So…what would you say???

….If you are thinking along the lines of “good,” think again! “Great!” would be a better description…or even “The best ever!”

What does this mean for residents of Williamson County?

SELLERS: There is a good chance that your home will sell for around 8% higher than it would have last year = more proceeds to you! Plus, the low housing inventory means fewer houses on the market = less competition

BUYERS: Get ’em while they’re hot! If you find “The” house, you may not want to sleep on it!  Low interest rates means that there are many Buyers out there in the market and you may have to put on your competitive hat!

Contact me TODAY for info on buying a home or a FREE no-obligation market analysis on YOUR house!


Lauren Schauer